Demand for residential aged care in the Sunraysia region remains steady, and as such there is currently a waiting list to join the Princes Court Homes Community as would be similar to other facilities.

Applying for residential aged care is the first step in the process, and our Resident Liaison Officer, Robyn is able to assist and support you through this process.

The following points provide a very brief outline of each of the steps involved:

1. Arrange for an ACAT assessment.

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will comprehensively assess your needs, including your ability to care for yourself, health care needs and lifestyle wishes. The ACAT team will inform you if you are eligible for residential aged care or respite services.

2. Arrange a facility tour.

Make arrangements for a facility tour and a meeting to discuss your need and expectations of living in aged care at Princes Court Homes. It is advisable to arrange and appointment with our Finance department to discuss fees and charges associated with entry into Aged Care.

3. Discuss your wishes with your family.

It’s important to also understand the types of care we are able to offer and the costs associated with that care.

4. Complete your application form.

Complete your application form and ensure that you have all the appropriate paper work completed.

5.We will contact you when a vacancy becomes available.

When a vacancy becomes available we will give you a call and commence the admission process. Once you have accepted a position a move in date is agreed upon.

6. Welcome to the community!

On your first day with us we will assist you to set up your room, introduce you to the community and commence a program to ensure we support you just as you wish. It’s at this point you are well and truly a member of the Princes Court Homes family.